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 delivered to your door

The Princeton Chef Signature Service:
Custom Meal Delivery

Small-Event Catering

Cooking Classes

Kitchen Organization

In addition to our signature meal delivery, The Princeton Chef offers:

Find fridge harmony!

Clean through & organize pantry

Replace old pans with recommend set

Update your kitchen tool box

Clean out kitchen draw clutter!


Starting at $100 per person

Have a real pro come in and use their organizational skills to make sense of any kitchen space

Kitchen Organization

Treat a family member or friend to a chance to learn from a pro! [gft crd lnk]

Get kids in the kitchen!

Easy, nutritious meals 

Knife skills

Classic French techniques


Starting at $300 for a 3 hour class

Book your own chef to do group, one on one, & kids classes

Cooking Classes

Chic cocktail party

Baby shower brunch 

Elegant multi course dinner & wine pairing

Casual get together with friends

Intimate couples dinner


Starting at $50 per hour

We offer 3 different styles:
Buffet, family meal & plated 

Small-Event Catering


What is a personal chef?

A personal chef works with multiple clients and prepares customized meals for them. We work one on one with the clients to create menus that suit their needs, preferences and lifestyle. 

How does payment work?

Is the consult in person or can we speak over the phone?

Absolutely over the phone! We sometimes do in person meetings if it makes sense for the client, but we can cover everything over phone and email.

Does the food last all

Most dishes can last 3-5 days or longer, depending on the dish. You can discuss with your chef what the best "enjoyed by" date is for each item. 

Do you work with food allergies or special diets?

Yes, The Princeton Chef handles all sorts of allergies and diets from weight loss to ones that support chemotherapy patients. 

I'm ready to book!

Your food gets delivered in eco friendly, paper containers. These containers can be recycled and reused if deemed suitable.  

What do you use to package the food? 

You will receive your invoice through email the same week of your cooking day. Most forms of payments are accepted except for credit card.